INSPRA provides its members with valuable tools and resources to deal proactively with issues and situations impacting our schools.

INSPRA supports those charged with communicating about schools by providing professional development opportunities, guidance and information related to national and local education trends to its members. As the only professional organization in the state dedicated specifically to helping school districts strengthen public support for education, INSPRA is part of the National School Public Relations Association.

The Benefits of Membership

Benefits for all INSPRA members include:

  • Monthly professional development opportunities
  • Two recognition events each year
  • Access to our "Member Needs Help" program, which allows any INSPRA member to seek advice and examples from members across the state.
  • Membership is from July 1 - June 30th and costs $125 for an individual or $285 for a District membership up to 3 people.
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Tips & Tactics

INSPRA invites you to join us on Friday, October 15, 2021 in Schaumburg for our First Tips & Tactics. The first session is titled: Implement Accessibility & Automation to Streamline & Simplify held at Schaumburg District 54 - 522 E Schaumburg Road, Door C In this session, we’ll discuss important online accessibility practices that can be easily and quickly implemented to help you reach even more families. We’ll also cover powerful automation tools, allowing you to simultaneously communicate over various social channels as well as easy-to-use chatbot applications that can help answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Along with accessibility and automation, we’ll also dive into Facebook ads for recruiting, productivity hacks, and the best ways to analyze social media performance.  To register for the entire Tips & Tactics series, click here.  Register for the October session below.