"Your Kind of Town" Photo Fun

Old Blue Eyes said it best – Chicago is my kind of town! INSPRA members are looking forward to showing you exactly why Chicago is our kind of town at the 2012 Seminar this July! While Chicago is home to iconic landmarks, renowned sports teams, and culinary favorites, we know that ours isn’t the only city with something special to offer! Join INSPRA in showing us your kind of town! Follow these simple instructions and your photo may be featured at the Tuesday night social event at the House of Blues!
1. Print the event logo. (Click here!)
2. Take a picture with the logo around your town! Include yourself, your colleagues, school community, or family showing us why your city is your kind of town!
3. Submit the picture to yourkindoftown2012@gmail.com.

Photo spots can include any number of destinations, such the lakefront, museums, restaurants, monuments, and more. Individuals submitting photos are responsible for ensuring that any person visible in the photo has granted permission for use on the website and in INSPRA projects. Members are encouraged to hold the designated sign during their photo, which reads, "This is MY kind of town!" or a print-out of the event logo.  The sign can be downloaded  as either a letter-sized or tabloid-sized document. The 2012 Planning Committee reserves the right to determine the photos that may be posted. We look forward to sharing your images!  

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